Email Fraud

Email Fraud is the most prevalent and targeted form of criminal activity that is victimising individuals over the Internet.


Office 365, or O365, has made online applications easier for businesses of all sizes. Its also created a significant attack vector that attackers have been exploiting for years to the tune of BILLIONS a year. Business Email Compromise, or BEC, is the name given to these types of email-based attacks that have cost businesses over $12 billion, and show little sign of slowing down. Its time we turn the tables.

In this webcast, we will examine how and why O365 has become such a successful attack vector. Specifically, we are going to examine examples of spoofed and fraudulent emails and how the attackers work to understand the flow of money within your organization. We will also going to look at attacker infrastructure and examine sample code that they use to pilfer credentials from your organization.


  1. BEC in Office 365 – SANS webcast

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