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Cost effective server with Enterprise features

Excellent Support

Excellent and friendly support

Robust & Scalable

Built using Open Source

Smart Office Server


Disaster Recovery РData Redundancy РBranch Office Connect 


Cost effective business server with enterprise features. Capable of seamlessly integrating into your office with minimum disruption. Instantly enable backup, file sharing, Internet sharing and many other features. Excellent support.

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    19 06 2020
    Email Server – Enable SpamAssassin site wide with add-ons Razor, Pyzor and DCC

    Using SpamAssassin site-wide on a Linux server (CentOS 7.x) with Postfix as the email service. Configuration for advanced usage and add-ons. Effectively blocks 80% emails. Send message contents to spamassassin...

    31 05 2019
    Partition USB drive for Time Machine with a data partition

    Objective is to partition a 2 TB drive into 2 partitions, as follows; 1 TB Time Machine partition, formatted as Journaled HPFS+ Case Sensitive, Encrypted. 1 TB Data partition, formatted...

    25 07 2018
    Private Cloud Email Server with Data Retention for the smart business

    Every security and privacy conscious business should run their own email server. Its essential, efficient, economical and makes business sense. A major benefit is that you can transparently retain all...

    23 07 2018
    Using Azure Files Sync to create an affordable backup strategy

    Microsoft Azure has announced General Availability of the Azure File share sync feature. Notes on setup for a SME network to quickly enable backups for Windows, and Mac computers. On-premise...

    12 06 2018
    Defending against ransomware and other malware

    Its here to stay and its only going to get worse ... ransomware that is. Groups like Shadow Broker and others on the Dark Web have realised how to easily...

    12 06 2018
    Corporate Data Safety Against Malware

    Are you protecting the data that is essentially to run your business. Are you ready for a malware or ransomware attack on your business network?   Business Continuity and Disaster...