Private email service with end-to-end encryption


Retain a copy of all email correspondences


Robust Email Service for the Smart and Agile business

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Robust, Secure and Private Email Service for the Smart, Agile business. Using the latest security and encryption standards to provide a safe and private communications medium for your workforce. Option to retain all messages for legal or audit purpose.


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    19 06 2020
    Email Server – Enable SpamAssassin site wide with add-ons Razor, Pyzor and DCC

    Using SpamAssassin site-wide on a Linux server (CentOS 7.x) with Postfix as the email service. Configuration for advanced usage and add-ons. Effectively blocks 80% emails. Send message contents to spamassassin...

    25 07 2018
    Email Fraud

    Email Fraud is the most prevalent and targeted form of criminal activity that is victimising individuals over the Internet.   Office 365, or O365, has made online applications easier for...

    25 07 2018
    Private Cloud Email Server with Data Retention for the smart business

    Every security and privacy conscious business should run their own email server. Its essential, efficient, economical and makes business sense. A major benefit is that you can transparently retain all...