MySQL Server 5.7.x zip install

Install MySQL 5.7.25 zip on Windows 10

Install MySQL server 5.7.25 on Windows 10 using the zip/portable version. Using the zip version allows you to run multiple versions on the same development machine.


Download from Oracle/MySQL 5.7.x download page


Select OS Windows 10 and click the Download button

Install MySQL CS 5.7.x zip/portable on Windows 10

Extract file into C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64\ folder

Create the data folder C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64\data\

Create the configuration file C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64\my.ini

basedir = "/mysql/mysql-5.7.25-winx64/" 
datadir = "/mysql/mysql-5.7.25-winx64/data" 
port = 3306 
server_id = 1 
log_error = "mysql_error.log" 
pid_file = "" 
socket = "/mysql/mysql-5.7.25-winx64/mysql.sock" 

# Optional - Default Configuration 
max_allowed_packet = 8M 

# Where do all the plugins live 
plugin_dir = "/mysql/mysql-5.7.25-winx64/lib/plugin/"

Note: The file paths are UNIX type, and not Windows i.e. C:\…

Initialise MySQL server

Initialise command (first time only)

Open Windows Command Prompt as Administrator

Start > type “cmd” > Right-Click icon > Click “Run as administrator”

Click “Yes” to continue

In the Command Prompt window, navigation to the MySQL folder, and type following command to initialise server

C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64>bin\mysqld.exe --initialize-insecure

Wait for the program to finish execution and then check the data folder for a bunch of default folders and files

Note: IN case you see a “MSVCRT error” refer to the last section below to install missing library.

MySQL server is now installed and initialised.

Start, Stop and Connect to MySQL server instance

Start MySQL server

Open Command Prompt windows, type command


The cursor will not return the prompt, MySQL server has been started and is now running.

This window can now be closed. MySQL server will stay running as a background process.


Stop MySQL server

Open Command Prompt windows, type command

C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64\bin>mysqladmin.exe -u root shutdown

MySQL server has been stopped.


Connecting to the MySQL server with the MySQL client

Open Command Prompt windows, type command

C:\mysql\mysql-5.7.25-winx64\bin>mysql.exe -h localhost -u root

The prompt will change to “mysql> _”

You are now connected to the MySQL server instance.

Missing MSVCR120.dll during the initialisation of MySQL

Download and install the Visual C++ Redistributable Packages and the Critical Update for SQL Server 2016 MSVCRT Prerequisites (KB3164398)


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