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31 05 2019
Partition USB drive for Time Machine with a data partition

Objective is to partition a 2 TB drive into 2 partitions, as follows; 1 TB Time Machine partition, formatted as Journaled HPFS+ Case Sensitive, Encrypted. 1 TB Data partition, formatted...

18 05 2019
Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) Vulnerability in computers with Intel CPU

Intel CPU architecture has been found to be vulnerable to a “Microarchitectural Data Sampling (MDS) attacks”. Please update the OS and apply Intel provided patch on all Intel based computers,...

18 05 2019
Critical Windows Update for Remote Desktop Services (RDS)

Release date: 15 May 2019   A Critical Windows Update has been released today for all old Windows Operating systems, desktop and servers. Please instruct IT support teams to start...

12 02 2019
Free DNS servers

Here are some free DNS services that can be used on routers instead of those slow, high-latency local ISP servers. OpenDNS(Cisco):, Quad9:, Google Pubic DNS:, Cloudflare DNS:...

07 02 2019
Windows 10 Remote Access with VNC

Download 64-bit TigerVNC tigervnc64-1.9.0.exe Click Install anyway" on the "App Store not verified confirmation window. Click "Yes" at the User Account Control windows Click "Next" at the setup windows. Accept...

02 02 2019
MySQL Server 5.7.x zip install

Install MySQL server 5.7.25 on Windows 10 using the zip/portable version. Using the zip version allows you to run multiple versions on the same development machine.   Download from Oracle/MySQL 5.7.x...