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13 06 2018
Quick Tip: Delete existing partitions during CentOS 7 installation

Got stuck recently during a remote gig installing CentOS. Vanilla install failed  due to a hardware error and had to be reinstalled but unlike the earlier versions there wasn't a...

13 06 2018
Quick Tip: Single drive on IBM ServerRAID

Server hardware upgrade needed a new 2 TB drive on an IBM X-series server with LSI RAID. Here are the steps followed using the BIOS configuration utility; F2 [Diagnostics] at...

13 06 2018
Easy reporting of website security problems

Two major educational institutions in India have a major security issue with their website (that contains student information) which has now been exposed to any roaming cyber-shark, This information was...

12 06 2018
Quick Tips: Seamless network backup for windows terminal

Quick and reliable process that can be repeated to incrementally backup directories to network share or external drive with builtin Windows utility. Create a text file backup.cmd (Notepad Save As...

12 06 2018
The New Frontier: Vulnerable Mobile Phones

Attacking Mobile Phones is the new racket for the cyber sharks. CopyCat has infected 14 million android phones and stolen about $1.5 million as of May'16. Is the need for...

12 06 2018
Defending against ransomware and other malware

Its here to stay and its only going to get worse ... ransomware that is. Groups like Shadow Broker and others on the Dark Web have realised how to easily...