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25 07 2018
Email Fraud

Email Fraud is the most prevalent and targeted form of criminal activity that is victimising individuals over the Internet.   Office 365, or O365, has made online applications easier for...

25 07 2018
Private Cloud Email Server with Data Retention for the smart business

Every security and privacy conscious business should run their own email server. Its essential, efficient, economical and makes business sense. A major benefit is that you can transparently retain all...

19 01 2021
YouTube Auto-Generated Thumbnails

YouTube generates thumbnails for each video, these are in various sizes as follows; Default - 120x90 http://img.youtube.com/vi/<video-id>/default.jpg Small x4 - 120x90 http://img.youtube.com/vi/<video-id>/[0-4].jpg Medium - 320x180 http://img.youtube.com/vi/<video-id>/mqdefault.jpg High - 480x360 http://img.youtube.com/vi/<video-id>/hqdefault.jpg...

19 10 2020
OSX bad interpreter: Operation not permitted

Error "bash bad interpreter: Operation not permitted" while tryimg to run a oerfectly good bash script in the terminal.   Fix $ ls -l@ script.sh if output contains "com.apple.quarantine" then...

21 06 2020
CentOS KVM Guide

Virtualisation, Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM) using libvirt in CentOS 7. Create and edit a virtual drive image. Create a Windows server guest and add a data drive when offline or...

19 06 2020
Email Server – Enable SpamAssassin site wide with add-ons Razor, Pyzor and DCC

Using SpamAssassin site-wide on a Linux server (CentOS 7.x) with Postfix as the email service. Configuration for advanced usage and add-ons. Effectively blocks 80% emails. Send message contents to spamassassin...

19 06 2020
Windows Server RDS – User Restrictions

Edit Group Policy Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Terminal Server\Device and Resource Redirection   Windows 2012 R2 Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components > Remote Desktop Services >> Remote Desktop Sessions Host...

19 06 2020
Windows Server RDS – User Auditing, login, logout, session disconnects

Get information on user sessions, in command prompt, run either of the following; quser query user query session To shadow/view any of these sessions, connect to the "session id" (/shadow:<session...